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在不同情况下Under different circumstances

in different stuation

1.other可作形容词或代词,做形容词时,意思是“别的,其他”,泛指“其他的(人或物)”.如: do you have any other question(s)? 你还有其他问题吗? 2.the other指两个人或物中的一个时,只能用the other,不能用another,此时的other作

different kinds of 你的采纳我的动力很高兴能够帮助你

区别 [qū bié] 1. (比较; 分别) distinguish; differentiate; make a distinction between:distinguish among differing cases;区别不同情况differentiate one variety from another;区别品种2. (彼此不同的地方) difference; distinction; discrimination:nice [subtle] distinction;细微的区别the main distinction主要区别

英语不同阶段“年龄”的表示法1 北硎尽罢岁 ” ,直接用基数词或 year ,age ,例如 “ 他20 岁 ” 可表示为:He is twenty . He is twenty years old . He is a twenty-year-old man . He is aged twenty . He is at age twenty . He is at the age of twenty .

for example 单独成句,用作句首,后面加逗号 和for instance一样such as 后面加2个以上的名词for instance例如,比如.后跟例子,短语句子都行,和for example 一样namely意思是换句话说,也是在句首,后用逗号隔开,后面的句子一定要是namely之前所表达的意思的另一种说法了

You take this as a good chance,many people don't want to go.Answer:People are in different conditions.Maybe something cannot be given up here.每个人情况不同:People are in different conditions.Everyone has his consideration.People look at things in different ways/ from different views.

fall with a golden yellow,walked the footsteps of light,quietly came to earth.in the rice paddy,rice seedings of cereal crops such as sorghum bending; his torch; boundless yellow douyao ringing bells; yellow orange hang full branch head,like a small

了解:understand; come to understand; find out 为……而感谢:thank for..


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