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incorrect 不正确的 wrong 错误的

That's not correct.或者 That's wrong. 或者That's not right.希望采纳

neither you nor i am wrongboth you and i are wrong either you or i am wrong

Unreliable 应该是口语比较长用地道的

incorrect [,ink'rekt]

不合理的 [词典] unreasonable; [法] unjust; unjustified; unreasoning; absurd; [例句]工会称要工人接受工资限制政策是不合理的.The union said it was unfair to ask workers to adopt a policy of wage restraint.

Dear teacher, you leave me ming-hsie is really, but the reality is that so cruel, we must be separated. You really like a big sister, very kindness, let us to leave you! You must remember to separate, otherwise we oh Call your small fart, hehe! Man is

嘲笑处于困境中的人是不正确的.To mock someone when he is in trouble is not right.

correct pronunciation[网络释义]发音正确get the pronunciation right让发音正确for the pronunciation to correctly发音正确的orthoepicorthoepical

你和布朗一家人住在一起吗?Do you live with the Browns?是的,我和他们住在一起.Yes, I do.他们每天早上做什么?What do they do every morning?布朗先生和布朗夫人每天早上早早就起床去上班了.Mr. and Ms. Brown get up very early in


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