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In this weekend,I have a plan,if tomorrow is a sunny day.Saturday morning,I am going to visit my grandparents.after lunch I have good friends and I go to the movies and football.At night,I can stay home and watch cartoons.Sunday,I will go fishing with

This summer, I and WenHua went to HngZhou by car . In the morning we came down the mountain. I saw wooded mountains, wild flowers bloom. We climb up the hill along the mountain path. Come halfway up the mountain, I feel a little tired. WenHua

我将要去看望我的外祖父母,午饭后我要和我的好朋友们一起去看电影和踢足球. in the afternoon, i'm going to the library or do my homework.after lunch i have good friends and i go to the movies and football, if tomorrow is a sunny day.晚上,

we have a good time on weekends.i do my homework on saturday.my mother cleans our room.we go shopping and buy some food.on sunday,i visit my grandparents with my father,then,we climb the mountain. we are very happy.

A visit to our former teacher To make the arrangement for the visit, we need to find out from her/him about the address/venue. And the available time which is convenient for her/him. And gather the contact number as well, just in case, we couldn't

In this weekend, I have a plan, if tomorrow is a sunny day.Saturday morning, I am 在这个周末我有个计划,如果明天是晴天的话.星期六的早上,我将要去看望我的外祖

快乐的周末,快乐的星期天英语作文(MY HAPPY WEEKEND)OK, let me tell you something about my weekend.让我来给大家说说,我的周末计划吧.I am going to do many things and be very busy on the weekend. So I do my homework on

On Saturday morning to do the homework in the afternoon on Sunday morning to see grandpa's grandmother went to the library and read the afternoon and evening friends play music downloaded from the Internet 在这个周末我有个计划 星期六,我将要去看望我的爷爷,晚上,我在家看电视.星期日,我要去和爸爸一起学习.我希望这个周末我能够过的很快乐!

Dear Anna,亲爱的安娜:I'm going to have a busy weekend! On Saturday, I'm going visit my friends by car. Because I haven't seen them for a long time. Then, I'm going to the bookstore on foot. I'm going to read lots of books there. On

This weekend is different as well as interesting.There are some things i should finish in this two days.First,i will finish my homework carefully.Second,i will read some books or do more practice.Third,i am going to rest and do a few exercises.At the


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