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want to do sth.feel like doing sth.would like to do sth.wish to do sth.be willing to do be thirsty to be dying to do sth. be keen on (doing) sth.

英语表达“我想……(做某事)”有哪些说法?I want to ; I 'd like ;还有其他说法么?(1) I want to do sth (2) I would like to do sth (3) I intend to do sth (4) I feel like doing

want to do sth.would like to do sth.feel like doing sth.wish to do sth.eager to do sth.long for doing sth.

want to do sth 这个最常用 还有一个是would like to do 希望帮到你哦

plan to do

want to do something hope to do something would like to do something expect to do something feel like doing something

想要做某事 want to do sth. 双语例句 1 含义是“想要做某事”. c want to do sth. 2 无论想要做某事,或爱上某人,在这之前我们都要知道自己的承受能力. both want to do something, or fall in love with someone, in this before we have to know their affordability.

想要做某事 want to do sth would like to do sth,feel like doing sth 开始做某事 begin to do sth,start to do sth 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

want to do sth 想做某事

want to do sth


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