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一定 [yī dìng] 翻译: Certain all to nothing by all means by the holy poker to a certainty (规定的, 确定的) fixed; established; regular

一定 : [ yī dìng ] 1. necessarily 2. particular 3. surely 4. certainly 5. fixed 6. a certain (extent, etc.) 7. given

certainly, for certain, of course这组词(组)都有“确实地、一定地、当然地”的意思.其区别是:1、certainly可位于句首或句末,表示强调,有时位于动词前,修饰全句,表示确有把握,深信不疑.例如:She certainly thought that this doctor

musthave to

一定Certain, must, necessarily 满意请采纳,谢谢

可以说:Of course 当然,一定 be certain 一定,确定 must be 一定,情态动词 eg: You must be my cousin.

sure certainly of course absolutely unquestionably no doubt undeniably true affirmatively surely definitely undoubtedly indeed irrefutably

of course 当然 absolutely,definitely 肯定 sure, surly一定

sure certainly of course这三个都可以表达这个意思 呵呵


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