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一首很欢快的男生唱的英文歌,歌词中有 i Don't li...

麦修史威特 you don't love mewhat a beautiful momentthe truth comes out at lastonce your heart would own me foreverthen this passedand what a beautiful momentas my heard comes apartdrunk and in a manner of saying, wasted'cause you don't

Don't Know What It Is--Rufus WainwrightI don't know what it isbut you got to do itI don't know where to goBut you got to be thereI don't know where to fallBut I know that its comfortable whereI don't know where it isPutting all of my timeIn learning to

歌曲:i don't wanna 歌手:aaliyah 专辑:dedication i don't wanna be(be without you, be without you)i don't wanna live(live without you, live without you)i don't wanna go(go without you, go without you)i don't wanna be alonewe when hooked upwe


(everything i do) i do it for you - bryan adams look into my eyes you will seewhat you mean to mesearch your heart search your souland when you find me there you'll search no moredon't tell me it's not worth trying foryou can't tell me it's not worth

one thing -- one direction 听一下是不是这首歌

Antiflag i don't wanna atb i don't wanna stop mario i don't wanna know frankie j i don't wanna be single taio cruz i don't wanna fall in love bowling for soup -i don't wanna rock new found glory i don't wanna know bryan adams i

歌曲: go away 歌手: Reel Big Fish 专辑: 《everything sucks》She was never what I wanted,I just wanted someone else.Now Im sittin' here alone, I'msittin' here all by myselfand everybody loves meand they want me to be their boyfriendShe's the

Dru的 MIssing you.

Mariah Carey《I Don't Wanna Cry 》


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