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一首外语歌,说唱的,很慢 有一句歌词好像是I CAn't BEliEvE it

i don t believe in you (the godfathers) 歌手:godfathers 专辑:more songs about love and hate take the street down to the station take the road down to the train that was where i finally found her she was crying to the rain i don't believe in you, i don't

i can't believe 歌手:112 专辑:112 (feat. Faith Evans) I can't believe that love has gone away from me I can't believe that love has gone away I can't believe that love has gone away from me I can't believe that love has gone away (I can't believe you'

这首英文歌你写错了吧 是阿姆的 love the way you lie 你可以听听阿姆其他的歌 节奏也很震撼 还有一首也是empire state of mind 也是跟上首歌差不多 男女合唱

love to be loved by you分享Marc Terenzi的单曲《Love to be loved by you》: http://music.163.com/song/28952215/?userid=360862816 (来自@网易云音乐)你可以听听看

take a bow - rihannaohh how about a round of applauseyeah standing ovationooh ohh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeahyou look so dumb right nowstanding' outside my housetryin' to apologizeyou're so ugly when you cryplease just cut it outdon't tell me you'

为乔丹写的歌 http://mp3.baidu.com/m?tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&lm=-1&word=i+belive+i+can+fly&t=2 r kelly - i belive i can fly 专辑: I used to think that I could not go on And life was nothing but an awful song But now I know the meaning of true

same love 是不是这个,你听听

歌曲名:I Can't Believe歌手:Gloria Estefan专辑:Miss Little Havana02.I Can''t Believe.I w.ould never dream when I go outThat I''d bump into youDancin'' on the floorI''d a'' bet all my moneyThere is no doubtI''m glad I didn''t bet ''cause I''d be broke

名字是 can't believe it 建议以后用网易云




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