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There is no excuse for this chaotic state of affairs. 事情弄得如此之乱,已经没有什么理由可说了. He is my young brother.他是我的弟弟. They met at the school gate.他们在学校门口见面了. I am a student.我是一个学生. We are the future of our

1 I often go home at 6p.m.2 I often have lunch at school.3 My sister always doesn't have supper.4 My deskmate and I always do homework togerther.5 I seldom watch TV because I have much homework.6 I think you should do some reading on

1.he could not aim straight. 他瞄不准 2.many childless couples adopt children. 许多无孩子的夫妇收养孩子 3.the people possess inviolable rights. 人民享有不可侵犯的权利 3.do not attempt impossibilities. 不要试图做不可能的事情

this is a little story between her and him .imaginative one in my mind for it's raining and i want to look for sth for fun .i hope it can be helpful.呵呵.愿您生活愉快1.i saw this special question.2.i knew him five years ago.3.i loved you deeply .4.

一般现在时:I go to the library, 我去图书馆 I get up at half past six. 我在六点半起床 I stay every day. 我每天都在学习 I clean my room every day. 我每天都清理我的房间 I do some reading every day.我每天都读书 一般过去时:I went to library

英语中为be动词.有am/is/are/was/were. e.g. I am your friend. 望采纳谢谢

是be动词.be 就是am is are 并不是B 例句:i am a student. you are right. she is a good student

There are so many children playing in the park.They are playing cards,telling storys,singing,dancing,jumping,making jokes,flying the kites,working dogs,reading books and listening to the radio.

第一人称就是我(们):单数I,复数We第二人称就是你(们):单数you,复数you第三人称就是他/她(们):单数she、he,复数they给你一个人称表哈、希望对你有帮助~主格 I you he she it we you they宾格 me you him her it us you them形物


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