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你好rely onlean upon谢谢

rely on 或 link with


短语 1. all things being equal一切顺利的话,不出意外的话 2. be the equal of one's word说到做到;守约 3. be without equal无敌,无比 4. feel equal to[口语]有能力去做,能胜任 5. other things being equal在其他条件都相同的情况下 6. the equal of与…相等;和…匹敌

be concerned with/in (doing) sth 和有牵连/有关,参与/关涉be concerned about/for sb/(doing) sth 担心,关心,挂念

短语settle for 满足于 ; 勉强同意 ; 勉强接受 ; 接受settle to 静下心来settle differences 调停 ; 消除分歧

to be an unknown factor : 是未知因素to be a factor in sth. : 是某事的因素the human factor : 人的因素common factor: 共同的因素factor + in : 因素;要素factor + into : 分解……的因子;把……分解成factor + into/on : 把……作为因素计入例句:He analyzed the various factors. 他分析了各种因素.Two and five are factors of 10. 二和五是十的因子.

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in the distance 在远处 keep one's distance 保持疏远 long-distance call 长距离通话

你好,be dependent on sth = 依赖于…;取决于…The amount of my investment is dependent on the exchange rate of US dollar.我的投资金额是取决于美金的汇率.too much 可用来修饰形容词,可放置的位置是:1) be too much dependent on sth;2) be dependent on sth too much以上,希望对你有帮助.


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