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official announcementofficial 官方的,正式的announcement 公告,宣告

有道词典里的解释是,“通知期限”.如:Redemption Notice Period 赎回通知期(好像redemption是redeem的名词).After completion of half the required resignation notice period the employee will be allowed time off with full pay to look for

人员去向公示牌_有道翻译翻译结果:personnel to gbillboard公示牌billboard更多释义>>[网络短语]开奖公示牌 publicity card班组公示牌 team announcement;team publicity licensing;team bulletin boards出勤公示牌 attendance bulletin board详细用法>>

抢购 [词典] rush to purchase; panic buying [purchasing]; make panic purchase (of); scare buying; [例句]那则政策公告引发了汽油抢购风潮.The policy announcement caused panic buying of petrol.

A: Excuse me, may I come in? 打扰一下,我可以进来么? B: Certainly, please. 请 到时候,我们会用广播通知的. A: That's Ok. Thank you! Goodbye! 好的,谢谢您!

办公室人员去向牌英文翻译_Office staff

The whole system is divided into the overall system design and as a user login and registration, user authentication modules, used as a system administrator of workers information management staff (including department management, attendance

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product mode产品模式拼音双语对照双语例句1Research on implementary technology of assembling sequence planning based on 3D product mode基于三维产品模型的装配顺序规划实现技术研究2On Total Product Mode of Real Estate Development论房地产开发的整体产品模式

蜕变2113:metamorphosis 蜕变_有道词典拼音:[tuì biàn]释义:metamorphosis,metamorphosis,[核5261] spallation,[核] disintegration短语:蜕变 The Coming Through;disintegration;Transformation蜕变率4102 rate of disintegration;decay


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