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1. surprise可做名词,基copy本用法如下:1)表示“惊讶”时,是不可数名词.常用短语:in surprise 惊讶地;to one's surprise 让某人惊讶的是2)表示“令人惊讶的事务/意外之事”时,是可数名词2. surprise还可以做及物动词,意思是“使

show off炫耀 show up出现 show… to…展示…给…

1、accept order 1)释义:接受订货;接价盘2)例句 We are very sorry about that we only accept order from retail shop or hair salon. 只接受发型屋或零售商店购买,不便之处,敬请原谅.2、accept as 1)释义:接受为;承认是2)例句 That

一.牛津小学英语涉及的动词不定式: it's time to do.该做某事了. want to do=would like to do 想要做某事 go /come to do 去/来做某事 how to do 怎样做某事 try to do 试着做某事 need to do 需要做某事 forget to do 忘记做某事 二.动名词 no +

recognize 的用法 recognize vt. 1)认出,认识到;其后可以跟名词或者从句作宾语.如: They recognized this man without difficulty. 他们毫不费力地认出了这个人. She recognized the tune at once. 她马上听出了这支曲子. I recognize that I am

1,常用的词组 give away 送掉, 分发 give back 归还, 恢复 give for 牺牲,交换 give in 投降, 屈服,give into 通向 give off 发出(蒸汽、光等),长出(枝、杈等) give on (门、窗等)向着2,基本用法:give sb sth 和 give sth to sb

13】leave sth about(1)乱丢/乱放某物 He is apt to leave things about.他总喜欢把东西到处乱放.(2) 把…随便乱放 Don't leave your things about. 别把东西到处乱扔.【14】leave sth aside搁置/不考虑某物/某事 Let's leave the matter aside for a

accompany one's word with a blow 边说边打. an accompanying letter 附函. Accompanied by Miss X. 由某某小姐伴奏. be accompanied by 有(某人)陪伴;伴有,附有,带着. be accompanied with (a thing) 带着,带有,兼有.

more than a match for 更好 meet one's match 1. 棋逢敌手,遇到对手 2. 碰到棘手的事 match with 使相配,使协调一致 match up 1. (使)相配,(使)相符,(使)和谐 2. 与……一致,与……相符 match point 赛点 详细 match against 1. 与……相比,跟……相配 2. 使与……进行比赛,使跟……比试 be a match for 实力相当,可与……匹敌 match up to 配得上

associate with 英 [suieit wi] 美 [soiet w] 与…交往, 联系; 交接; 蹑足其间; 轧


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