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BE ExpECtED to例题

be expected to的意思是:被期待做某事;有望做某事;期许 expect 读法 英 [kspekt] 美 [k'spkt] 1、作及物动词的意思:期望;指望;认为;预料2、作不及物动词的意思: 期待;预期 短语:1、expect too much of 对(某人)期望过高 2

you are expected to shake hands when you meet Americans. You are expected to hand in homework in time.

except 是及物动词(vt)意为:等待,期待,盼望,预料,预期等 sb be expected to do就是某人被期望做某事.是个被动语态 比如说.You are expected to finish this homework in time 就是“望你能及时完成作业”

be supposed to 相当于should,比如the press is supposed to step up effort to publicizing the importance of sth(媒体应该加大宣传某事的重要性)is expected to带有强烈的感情色彩,比suppose更加急迫,如the central authority is expected to make comprehensive rules and regulation.政府应采取全面综合的管理措施

be expected to:被期待做某事; 有望做某事; 期许;类似的表达还有:be supposed to do.这句子的意思是:小孩被期望在家或学校遵守各种规矩.

be expected to do sth (某人)被期望/预料/估计做某事 主动形式:expect sb to do sth 期望/预料/估计某人做某事 we expect him to come over and help.我们希望他能过来帮忙.jack is expected to go home before ten at night.杰克被期望晚上十点钟之前回家.祝你开心如意!

be expected to


be expected to意为预料,表示一种可能性

有的,我们先看看expect的英英释义,【If you expect something to happen, you believe that it will happen. 】 预料 例:The talks are expected to continue until tomorrow.会谈预料将持续到明天.翻译的时候,也可以翻译成,“会议将会开到明天”,具体句子具体分析.希望帮到你~


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