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One has lived too near a wood to be frightened by owls.[谚]住在森林里的人不怕猫头鹰;深知事情真相就不会大惊小怪.The child was frightened to death by the violent thunderstorm.那孩子让狂风暴雨吓得要命.Ann used to be frightened of water,

一.从词组意思上讲,be frightened of 指对…害怕,而be frightened at则有受…惊吓,大吃一惊的意思.例如:I am frightened of any animals without feet.我害怕一切无脚的动物.I was frightened at the thunder. 我被雷声吓到了(我受到了


其实两个差不多,但稍有区别.be frightened of [口]害怕,对感到恐惧 如:She is frightened of snakes.她害怕蛇.be frightened at 使.害怕如:He was frightened at the noise.这声音使他受惊.

be frightened into silencesilent 为形容词 silence为名词词组中"into"为介词,而介词后应加名词性的东西所以选"silence"

She was frightened by a dog.她被一条狗吓坏了.I was frightened when I saw the nasty gash in her arm.她胳膊上又深又长的大伤口吓坏了我.Don't be frightened. We're not going to hurt you.I was frightened of being left by myself in the house.Her

be beneficial to读法:英 [bi: benifil tu:] 美 [bi bnfl tu]意思: 有益于; 利于to 作为动词不定式符号,后面加动词原形 例子:1.It can be beneficial to share your feelings with someone you trust. 向自己信任的人倾诉感情是很

frightened 受惊的 frightening令人害怕的

意思都是表示对很信任.区别在用法上.be confident in sb/doing sth,后面可以加人.be confident about dong sth/sth,后面不可以加人.例句辨析:be confident in1、Those undergraduates appear to be more confident in their English




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