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怎么说呢,come on in是比较热情比较口语的,在日常生活中很常用,而譬如说你去一个美国人家里,他肯定是招呼你come on in的,但你要敲门进上司的办公室,他肯定是说come in,因为come in毕竟比较正式.

一、 进来用英语:come in过来用英语:come over;come here;come on;come along二、come in 英 [ km in ] 美 [ km n ]进来; 起作用例句Long hair for men came in in the sixties. 男子留长发在六十年代流行. If you want to come in on the scheme, you must decide now. 你要参与这项计划就必须现在决定. News is coming in of a serious train crash in Scotland. 刚刚收到的消息说,苏格兰发生火车撞车重大事故.

come 不是延续性动词 一.延续性动词表示能够延续的动作 如:learn, work, stand, lie, know, walk, keep, have, wait, watch, sing, read, sleep, live, stay等.延续性动词可以与表示时间段的状语连用. 表示时间段的短语有:for+ 一段时间,for 2 years

come in 1.enter;arrive;start进入;到达;开始 When did the train come in?火车何时到达? 2.become seasonable上市;到成熟季节 Watermelons will come in soon.西瓜不久就会上市了. 3.take a place in a competition (比赛)获得…名 He

简单的从意思上可以区分: come in是“进来”的意思,而come into是“进的来、起来”的意思. 如:May I come in?我能进来吗? A new rule will soon come into being. 一个新规则很快就要出台了. 另一方面,比较复杂的是: @come in有

get + doing是固定搭配,是使得的意思,可是说算本身是被动,“我终于得到了足够多的报告”的意思.

come in 不及物动词短语,相当于不及物动词,后不跟地点,如:The teacher came in .come into 相当于及物动词,后面一般加+人或者地点 加人的时候,解释为:撞见某人、与某人邂逅 He came into his teacher in the park 加地点时,解释为:进入某地.He came into the house with no hesitation . in是副词 into是介词

come in是进来;请进;当选的意思.例句:1. They have the right to come in and inspect the meter. 他们有权进来查表.2. Women can come in here and not feel intimidated. 女性来到这里不会感到害怕.3. Colleges and universities come in all shapes and sizes. 学院和大学林林总总,一应俱全.4. The badges come in twenty different colours and shapes. 这种徽章有20种不同的颜色和形状.

come to 通常有以下几种解释用法1.共计 例如:The bill came to $20. 帐单共计二十美元. 2.涉及 例如:When it comes to German, I know nothing. 谈到德语,我一窍不通. 3.苏醒过来 例如:When she came to, she could not, for a moment,

这句话我查到了,come in 是动词是肯定的了,它是短语动词,它的基本意思有:进来; 到达; 当选; (赛跑等比赛中)取得(名次).但在这句话上,come in 是“总共有”的意思


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