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deficienciesn.缺乏( deficiency的名词复数 ); 不足; 缺点; 缺陷; 例句:1.Fixing micro-nutrient deficiencies is cheap. 解决微量元素缺乏是比较便宜的.2.The sources of intelligence oversight deficiencies go deeper. 情报监管缺陷的源头则要更深一层

the fleeting time

查缺补漏翻译:Teachers help students access.查缺补漏成语【读音】chá quē bǔ lòu.【释义】查找缺点填补漏洞.【举例】小明的论文这次写不好了,教授告诉他要查缺补漏.【同义词】查漏补缺 穷且益坚参考资料:http://fanyi.baidu.com/?aldtype=16047#zh/en/

Some people do not act according to conventional, but still had a good job, it said that a person of a company due to various deficiencies, which have been a very good job.

你好!When Heaven is about to place a great burden on a man ,it always exhausts his body and make good his deficiencies.如有疑问,请追问.

你好!你要的答案是:Deficiencies youth

译文 伍子胥、文种、范蠡都是有才智的人杰,而扬雄不过是一个乡野偏民,却想用自己不多的学识来歪曲、诬陷这三个人:认为三次劝谏而君王不听他却不离开、鞭打楚平王尸体并抄家(籍馆)是伍子胥的大罪,认为不奋力向勾践进谏却离开到

In 1965, Pavarotti performed in Australia when they travel Sutherland and performers. Since then, he and Sutherland to become a better partner. Sutherland's voice, he repeatedly corrected deficiencies, and even his hand on her belly up feeling

There are far too many road accidents in this country, too many deaths and too many people injured. 这个国家的公路交通事故实在太多,死伤无数. One wonders who are most to blame, drivers or pedestrians. 究竟是谁的责任,司机还是行人?

1.official 2the latter 3word/ vocabulary 4deficiencies 5insurance /assurance/insure(v)/safe(adj)/safety(n)/be sure/be bound to


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