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希望对你有帮助吧,(*^__^*) 嘻嘻…… demo- prefix(in nouns, adjectives and adverbs) connected with people or population: democracy ◆ democratic-graphy 1 : writing or representation in a (specified) manner or by a (specified) means or of a

service factor[英][svs fkt][美]['svs fkt]运行率; 利用率; 利用系数; 运转率; 例句:1.My conclusion is that the plot type, the demography characteristic and thepublic community participation are the influence public

人口统计学里可能涉及到人口的年龄结构复、制性别结构、民族结构、种族结构、职业结构、收入结构、受教育程度结bai构等等du结构.所以这里的demography ,我认为是指某一特定人群或群体zhi,如某dao一种产品可能针对的是年轻、高薪、男性群体

Demo 如果 作为词汇的话 一般理解为 模拟或者 示范的意思. 例如 Demo student, 就是学生示范. 还有 如果Demo作为单词前缀的话,一般指的是人民,人口的意思. 例如demography 因为前缀是人口,后缀 则是 phy ,是学科的意思.所以 整个单词的意思是人口学.

Men and women are different from one another in many ways. In a biological way, men and women can be distinguished by their reproductive system. They have different sexual characteristics. Men grow beard on their face, on the other hand,


criminal =perpetrator 罪犯offender冒犯的人

chinese 语文 english 英语 history 历史mathematics数学,biology生物,physics物理,chemistry化学,biochemistry生物化学,geology地质,astronomy天文学,oceanography海洋学,meteorology气象学,seismology地震学,environmental

offender:词性及解释 Part of speech and definition n. 罪犯, 无礼的人, 得罪人的人例句 Sentences 搜索更多短句 相关词条 Relative words sex offender first offender arrestable offender casual offender opium offender persistent offender untried



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