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embarrassment[英][mbrsmnt][美][mbrsmnt]n.窘迫; 难堪; 令人难堪或耻辱的事; 复数:embarrassments例句:1.His ignorant behaviour at the dinner table caused much embarrassment. 他在餐桌上举止粗鲁,在座的人颇为难堪.2.It's not just that they fear embarrassment; they fear destruction. 他们不仅仅是害怕那种窘迫感,也害怕自己土崩瓦解.

embarrass 英[mbrs] 美[mbrs] vt. (使) 窘迫,(使)局促不安; (使) 困难; [网络] 使为难; 使困惑; 使困窘; [例句]It was a deliberate attempt to embarrass the guests.让客人感到窘迫是蓄意的企图.[其他] 第三人称单数:

你好!embarrassment只有名词的词性,因为它是embarrass衍生出的名词,代表的意思就是指难堪,窘迫,令人尴尬或耻辱的事情.希望能被采纳~ 记得给问豆啊!

The episode was a huge embarrassment for him. Inevitably'sanctuary " has become something of an embarrassment to Faulkner.


楼主你好 这是微笑的意思 希望能帮助你 望采纳

x、关于笑 ___微笑┐

awkward [':kwd] adj.1. causing inconvenience例句: they arrived at an awkward time2. lacking grace or skill in manner or movement or performance例句: an awkward danceran awkward gesturetoo awkward with a needle to make her own

smile [smail] vi. 1. 笑;微笑;面露笑容: 例句: She smiled and said, “How are you getting on ?” 她微笑着说:“你近来过得好吗?” He smiled at me and then asked me if he could sit near me. 她冲我微笑了一下,问我她能不能坐在我的旁

避免尴尬 [网络] avoid embarrassment; [例句]他总是小心谨慎地避免尴尬.He was always careful to avoid embarrassment.


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