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givE Authority to造句

give rise to 英[iv raiz tu:] 美[v raz tu] [词典] 造成; 引起, 导致; [造句]Low levels of choline in the body can give rise to high blood-pressure 体内胆碱水平过低会引起高血压.Our present situation can give rise to two scenarios or some

I give the pen to you.

give the book/ pen/ salt盐/ glasses眼镜/ pencil/ present礼物/ knife小刀/ notebook笔记本/ eraser橡皮/ to me please.请把给我.Give the book to him. 把书给他 Give the notebook to her. 把笔记本给她

Pealse give the book back to Lily.请将这本书还给Lily

有人让我用用give witness to sth造句

What he said just now gives rise to his anger at the moment .

give instructions to do something.指挥(命令)做某事.we were given instructions to complete the work by the professional teacher.专业老师指挥(命令)我们完成这项任务.(在英语中,一般被动句比主动句更常见,习惯用)

give up one's seat to elderly people

My friend gave a present to me on my birthday.

give birth to 生 give birth to 英 [iv b:θ tu:] 美 [v bθ tu] 词典 生(孩子),生育;引起,产生;娩出;娩


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