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爱好英文是hobby,音标英 [hbi] 美 [h:bi] hobby英 [hbi] 美 [h:bi] 第三人称复数:hobbies hobby 基本解释 名词:业余爱好; 嗜好,兴趣; 小马 hobby 双语例句1. He works in a bank, but his hobby is building model boats.他在银行工作,但他的业余爱好是做船舶模型.2. He pursued his hobby of collecting old almanacs for so many years.许多年来他一直保持着收集旧历书的嗜好.


用拼音就是(hao bi) 意为爱好,可数名词可以学好音标,查英汉词典自己根据音标就会读

hobby 英 ['hb] 美 ['hbi] n. 嗜好;业余爱好 n. (Hobby)人名;(英)霍比 [ 复数 hobbies ]

hobby[英]['hb][美][hbi]n.业余爱好;嗜好,兴趣;小马复数:hobbies双语例句1.He decided to turn his hobby into a lucrative sideline.他决定把自己的爱好变成赚钱的

What is your hobby?================================================================== 亲~你好!````(^__^)```` 很高兴为您解答,祝你学习进步,身体健康,家庭和谐,天天开心!有不明白的可以追问!如果有其他问题请另

I have a wide range of hobbieswide 英 [wad] 美 [wad]range 英 [ren(d)] 美 [rend]hobbies 英 ['hbz] 美 ['hbz]

hobby[英][hbi] [美][hbi]

What hobby does Peter have?只能给你写下来了

reading, swimming, shopping, collecting mugs,(stamps..etc), playing computer games, cycling, seeing movies, singing, dancing, chatting with friends, daydreaming.


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