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hopE sB Doing还是to Do

1、是hope to do,没有hope sb to do的用法.2、Hope有两种用法 hope (not)to do sth 希望(不)去做某事 hope sb do sth Jim's father said to him,"I hope you ____what I have told you to buy". a. won't forget b.not to forget 这道题用的是hope not

hope sb do sth 希望某人做某事例:I hope you have a good time!hope to do sth希望做某事例:I hope to help you to do your homework. 我希望帮助你写作业.

应该跟to do sth

hope sb to do sth ---Wrong! hope sb doing sth --- Wrong!

hope to do是对的,hope sb to do是错的.hope to do 希望做某事1、短语hope e to do sth 希望做某事 ; 希望某人做某事hope someone to do something 错误hope to do sh 希望做某事hope to do sth 希望做某事 ; 希望去做某事 ; 希望干某事 ;

Hope sb to do希望某人做某事

Hope有两种用法:1 、hope to do sth 希望去做某事 I hope to have my own bike. 我喜欢有辆我自己的自行车.2 、Hope sb do sth I hope you have a good time.我希望你玩得高兴.没有hope sb to do sth 这种用法.扩展资料 hope,英文单词.中文

不对,hope没有这个搭配 hope for sth hope that 从句

hope sb do sth

hope to do hope +that 从句 没有hope sb to do


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