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maroon 5 - give a little more 嶬敖穢兢撒,万,旺音唯 岷欺低指社議咾隅,岷欺低指社 嶬敖瞳晦狛肇議蕎勞,低勣僥氏握恠阻 厘鏡徭匯繁議凛念,厘載溝鏡 厘吉棋議叫廉,悳頁吉棋 短嗤湖状,音岑祇万氏喟垓個延 隼朔,厘公謹匯泣,填右

My niggers, I'm a beast!厘議菜麹,厘頁勸舗!I could go thirty days and nights with no sleep.厘辛參恠眉噴爺曾匚短嗤鋒状.All the mice in the streets,侭嗤議析報脅壓寄瞬貧,The only male I see every day is my率匯議槻來,厘心欺耽匯爺脅


let you go恬簡:歪隶恬爆:鯖蛙嚴園爆:孱薨詞咄:Ken Lewis處蟹:鯖蛙嚴珊音頁勝遊 祥斑厘写偬嗄恠珊短欺恷朔 祥斑厘写偬般鞭飛頁髄欠揮音恠 火藻俟笥議廷遊宇彭万柿秘扮寂 議咲送珊嗤酔赤祥 托序凖梨議紐町珊嗤挨且脅 砺和蒸李議表



yeahhh,yeahh,oh, yeahhh,yeahh, youshouldberightherelayingnexttome 低哘乎祥棉壓厘議附円 butbabyyouchosetolovethehardway 徽頁,右唄,低僉夲取佃仇肇握 youcouldberightheregettingthebestofme 低圻辛參壓宸戦聞厘撹葎恷挫

頁宸倖杏~~低油油心 never be replaced1st Ladi Baby I love you and i'll never let you go But if I have to boy I think that you should know All the love we make can never be erase And i promise you that you will never be replaced Baby I love you

[夕猟] 箔釘通色携議letyougo梧爆為業堝徒?箔釘通色携議letyougo梧爆為業堝徒

given up where'd you go leave out all the rest home apologize hero because of you trouble is a friend when you told me you loved me 穐浣隅議skater boy / my happy ending / girl friend / when you're gone / complicated /losing grip /take me away / tomorow 下声紬baby one more time /gimme more /piece of me


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