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perishable [英]perbl [美]prbl adj. 易腐烂的;易腐败的;易毁灭的;易消亡的 n. 容易腐坏的东西(尤指食品) [例句]Air circulation is one of the most important factors in protecting refrigerated loads of perishable foods.在保证易腐食品的冷藏运输时,空气循环是最重要的因素之一.

DLUO = is the length of time that food, drink, medicine and other perishable items are given before they are considered unsuitable for sale or consumption. 指保质期.

意思是:商品;货品;动产;私人财产;(铁路或公路) 运载的货物.1、读音:英[dz] 美[dz] 2、词性:名词3、常用短语:Public Goods公共物品 ; 公共财 ; 公共品 Perishable goods易腐物品 ;易腐货物 ; 不耐久货品 ; 易腐物

how beautiful they are他们是多么美丽双语例句1Ah, the dreams of our youth, how beautiful they are, and how perishable! 儿时做过的梦啊,总是美丽而柔弱.2"Wow, how beautiful they are!" The visitor was profuse in praise, but showed no intention to buy one. “哎呀,好好看哦”,客人赞不绝口,就是没有买的意思.

朋友,从读音2113看应该是refrigeratorn.冰箱【例句】Clearly, a refrigerator, which is a physical system must obey not only the first law(energy conservation) but the second law of thermodynamics as well.很明显,冷冻机5261是一种物理系统,因此

speed[ spi:d ]n.迅速, 速度, 速率v.加快, 速飞, 飞跑speed[spi:d]n速度;速率at a speed of eighty miles an hour 以每小时80英里的速度the speed of the car was frightening. 这辆小汽车的速度真吓人. 快速,迅速 安非他明 speedvt, vispeeded

perishable inventory[英][perbl /nvntri/][美][prbl nvntri]易腐物储存; 例句:"If technology can help bring together customers that are getting discounts and local businesses that have perishable inventory, that's a win for everybody," altman says.在“如果技术能将客户汇集起来,一起得到打折优惠,以及有不易库存的当地服务,那么这是一个每人得利的事.”

你好 这两个词在很多时候是通用的 区别不大而通常用法下,refrigerator指的是立式冰箱freezer指的是上开门的冷柜和其他小件的制冷设备freezer更加泛指一些 所以有些设备上的制冷部件一般就用freezer

perishable item易腐物品例句:1.More typically, what we see companies doing is trying to explain that while it is a venerable chinese tradition, the american tradition in this case is "fill in the blank." Usually, some perishable item like a fruit basket.

virtual credit card虚拟信用卡拼音双语对照双语例句1For more details, ask your bank about perishable virtual credit card numbers.有关易过期的虚拟信用卡号的更多详情,请向银行咨询.2Credit card includes not only the traditional credit card of entitiy but also the virtual credit card and other credit card information.信用卡不仅包括传统意义上的实体信用卡,也包括虚拟信用卡等信用卡信息.


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