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你好recognize 英[rekgnaz]美[rknaz]vt. 承认; 识别; 认出;vi. 承认,确认; [法律] 具结,立保证书;[例句]The receptionist recognized him at once接待员一眼就认出他了.[其他] 第三人称单数:recognizes 现在分词:recognizing 过去式:recognized 过去分词:recognized

recognized 形容词,认可的 recognizing 形容词,认识的 recognition 名词,认出

I didn't recognize you when i first saw you it's crucial for everybody to recognize his defects i recognize that i cannot live without you in my life

recognized adj. 经过验证的;公认的 v. 认识;意识到(recogniz的过去分词) . 展开《21世纪大英汉词典》. 折叠《21世纪大英汉词典》 recognized vt. recognize的变形 recognize ['reknaiz] vt. 1. 认识;认得;辨认出: 例句: I recognize you

recognize 后面接动词什么式?这个例句应该怎么解释呢she refuse to recognize defeat回答:recognize sb/sth. recognize that (从句)例:I recognize her by her red hat. 我根据她的红色帽子认出了她

recognitionN-UNCOUNT 认识;识别;认出N-UNCOUNT 承认;接受;理解N-UNCOUNT (政府对他国的)外交认可,正式承认N-UNCOUNT 赞赏;好评;认可

tell about(v.+prep.)告诉有关…的情况 give sb information such as a story, concerning sb/sth ▲tell about sb/sth She told about Linda, who was very kind to her.她谈了谈林达的情况,林达对她非常好.He told about his plans.他谈到他的计划.tell



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