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这是因为-ness后缀取的是它形容词的意思.opposite adjective1.situated,placed,or lying face to face with something else or each other, or in corresponding positions with relation to an intervening line, space,or thing:opposite ends of a room.2.

in 指在某个区域范围内,on指确定的某个点,to指临近、靠近某地点 这三个副词的一般意义都是如此,希望能帮到你

in 指在某个区域范围内,on指确定的某个点,to指临近、靠近某地点这三个副词的一般意义都是如此,

介词短语做的是伴随状语,表示状态 后面所说到的his head lowered这个应该是独立主格结构,所表达的意思与with短语无区别 同样是表达伴随意义 只不过形式不同

situated是位于 坐落于的意思, functionality是实用性 ,设计功能 目的 的意思, 可是题目没错吗 牛津中阶词典上说situated是形容词但是【not before a noun】 不用于名词前


downtown : in or to the central part of a city:市中心usage:用法1. downtown New York---> downtown 当形容词,前位修饰.纽约的市中心.2. I work downtown, but I live in the suburbs. ------>downtown 当副词.我在市中心工作,但住在市郊.

韦伯字典的解释1.adjective形容词1 a : set over against something that is at the other end or side of an intervening line or space *opposite interior angles* *opposite ends of a diameter* b : situated in pairs on an axis with each member being

果用to,应该是to the southwest.这里直接用southwest我认为是利用了其副词词性,就好像说 ..away from

storey[英]['st:r][美][stri, stori]n.楼层; 叠架的一层; “story”的变体;


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