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My ideal dirl friend!There is a girl who is smiling happily in the mirror !Who is she?Oh,She is my ideal girl friend!She is a girl who live in my heart,No matter when ,where,She ia always in my mind,onbody can replace her.In life,For one thing,She is

Color is everywhere and for the most part we don't even think about it.But how does color affect your mood when the room is a nice soft green? Are you agitated? Does it promote a calming effect and make you feel relaxed?How about a beautiful

可能刚好在100字左右吧!希望你看到我的文满意. You agree that happy state of mind resulting from this sentence do?Who live in this world, nothing more than just for their own well-being happier.Institute of happy life, the most important is to

How to Keep A Good Mood (原创) Keeping a good mood is very important in our life. Simply because a good mood can make us having good attitude, a good attitude will lead us to success. But how can we constantly keep a good mood?

how to keep a good mood?keeping a good mood is very important for us,it can help us learn and live more easily.but how to keep a good mood.first,always smile,smile can help us happy.second,do not get angry so easily.third,do your best to forget

My School is beautiful place.I like my school.The school teacher is very friendly.They as well our friends.The playground is very big. The teach building is beautiful too.So it is very beutiful,because my school is very beautiful.And this as only.So I like my school

Learning to relax A long life, maybe there will be a lot of anguish occupy your life space, your mood will become Yin hi and dark however. And then you have only a way to save himself, and thats not what the savior can do. Only you, in a state of


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