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thAt is to sAy

that is to say adv. 也就是(即). 展开《21世纪大英汉词典》 That is to say, nobody can see me now.也就是说,现在没人能看见我. 我经常用另一个词组说它,in other word.

thai is to say 等于 that is 翻译 为 也就是说

that is to say 英[t iz tu: sei] 美[t z tu se] [词典] 即; 就是; 换句话说; 更确切地说; [例句]He didn't go; that is to say, it is not recorded that he did.他没有去,换句话说,他去的这个事实无案可查.双语例句 英英释义 that is 英[t iz] 美[t z] [词典] 即; 就是; 换句话说; 更确切地说; [例句]I have a vision of a society that is free of exploitation and injustice

供参考(1) that is to say可以用 that is (i.e.)来代替(2) 我会用后面加',' 例子 I am going to the place l like most, i.e., my home.以下的资料来自维基网站From Latin i.e., an abbreviation of id est (that is〃).Usage notesi.e. is used to explain or clarify

首先,有那么一些词是我们在平时对话中熟悉起来的,也就是说,我们从家庭成员及朋友们那里学到的.即使我们不会读写,我们应该知道并且会用.That is to say 是插入语,起进一步解释说明的作用.这个句子主句是there are those words,其后有三个which引导的定语从句,定的是those words.


that is to say英 [t iz tu: sei] 美 [t z tu se] 即;就是;换句话说;更确切地说 为你解答,敬请采纳,如果本题还有疑问请追问,Good luck!

that is to say you just to do that thing in a insensible condition?这就是说你是在无知觉的情况下做了那件事?


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