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Penta Kill 是在短时间连续杀了五个人,五杀.Unstoppable是无人能挡,杀了五个人,中间没死过,就会报,没有时间限制.dominating是主宰比赛,和无人能挡一样无时间限制,是杀了六个.望采纳

unstoppable英[nstpbl]美[nst:pbl]adj.无法停止的,不可阻碍的网络无法停止的; 无法阻碍的形近词:Unstoppable数据合作方:金山词霸双语例句柯林斯词典英英释义百度知道新1The initial responses of glia to an injury are beneficial for healing, but if they are too intense or continue too long, unstoppable chronic pain is the result.胶细胞一开始的反应有益于损伤的修复,但当反应太强或持续太久,就会造成无法停止的慢性疼痛.

unstoppable 音节划分:unstoppable 英 [nstpbl] 美 [nst:pbl] adj. 无法停止的,不可阻碍的 派生词:unstoppability unstoppably 双语例句1. He's still learning and when he hits his stride, he'll be unstoppable.他仍旧处在学习阶段

The Calling - UnstoppableCome and lay right on my bedSit and drink some wineI'll try not to make you cryIf you'd get inside my headThen you'd understandThen you'd understand meWhy I've felt so aloneWhy I kept myself from loveAnd you

3个XXX正在大杀特杀;Killing Spree4个XXX已经接近暴走;rampage5个XXX已经无人可挡;unstoppable6个XX已经主宰比赛;dominate7个XXX已经接近神了:God Like8个XXX已经超神了!Legendary 当杀到3个或3个以上的时候被杀XXX被XXX终结.超神过后就是一直超神的状态.

「UNSTOPPABLE」作词∶こだまさおり作曲∶宫崎诚编曲∶宫崎诚歌∶青峰大辉 (诹访部顺一)「可能性」とか有り得ない 神みかってんだ根性论なんかは眠たくなるぜせいぜい张り切ってしませてくれよ倒的な违いわからせてやる

stronger-kelly clarkson its time/demons/on the top of the world-imagine dragons yellow/a sky full of stars-coldplay price tag-jessie good life/counting stars-onerepulic best day of my life-american authors fire-gavin degraw 求采纳 打字不容易 (都是我歌单里的 要的话可以发过来)

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由于unstoppable从stoppable演变过来,而stoppable又从stop演变过来的.所以可从stop推知unstoppable的词意. stop:vi.停止; 中断; 逗留; (使)停止工作 vt.塞住; 堵塞; 阻挠; 止付; n.停止; (管风琴的)音栓; 停车站; (管风琴的


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