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wait and see議吭房頁鉱李;蔽朕參棋;恠彭覇;吉彭心(秤趨議窟婢).箭鞘:1、Well, let's wait and see 椎担,斑厘断吉彭心杏.2、We'll have to wait and see what happens. 厘断峪挫吉吉心繍氏窟伏焚担.3、If you don't believe it, wait and see. 泌飛音佚,萩蔽朕參棋.4、Wait and see. 吉彭覇杏.5、She is a good enough tactician to wait and see what the election brings. 慢頁倖載嗤脹待議媾宝社,峡誼床鉱僉訟議潤惚.

wait and see 哂[weit nd si:] 胆[wet nd si] 鉱李; 蔽朕參棋; 恠彭覇; 吉彭心(秤趨議窟婢); [箭鞘]Well, let's wait and see 椎担,斑厘断吉彭心杏.

wait and see 吉彭覇, 鉱李箭鞘:I have no inkling about the examination results, we shall all have to wait and see. 斤深編潤惚厘匯涙侭岑,厘断峪嗤吉吉嘉畠岑祇.Why not just wait and see what happens? 採音床鉱凪潤惚椿?We shall just have to wait and see; there's nothing we can do at the moment. 厘断峪挫吉吉心,嶬變淞槊薦.


蔽朕參棋let us wait and see祥頁斑厘断蔽朕參棋圻咀:wait頁吉棋,see辛參頁心,覇万断銭軟栖祥頁吉棋旺拝覇需!!do you understand?

wait and see吉彭心褒囂斤孚簡灸潤惚:wait and see[哂][weit nd si:][胆][wet nd si]吉彭心(秤趨議窟婢); 蔽朕參棋; 鉱李; 恠彭覇; 參貧潤惚栖徭署表簡惟箭鞘:1.Just you wait and see! 低吉彭覇杏!

だって仝つまずきながら々って笥(くち)で冱(い)う殻(ほど) (らく)じゃないはずでしょ棋(ま)ってもう富(すこ)し蛍(わ)かってくれたらきっともっといい嚏(あめ)が週(ふ)るから覆返(かって)そう柵(よ)ばれちゃ

椎鞘三頁吉彭覇!麗麼旗簡麗麼旗簡 燕幣侭嗤購狼議旗簡出恂麗麼旗簡.麗麼旗簡蛍葎侘否簡來麗麼旗簡才兆簡來麗麼旗簡曾嶽.麗麼旗簡嗤繁各才方議延晒.及眉繁各汽方議麗麼旗簡珊嗤來議延晒.麗麼旗簡双燕及匯繁各汽方 my mine 厘議



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